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Do I need a boat license?
Poppa’s Boats can be operated without a boat license but you will need a valid drivers license to hire our boats. We will provide you with a suitable boat that complies with state and national maritime laws. These boats are restricted to George's Bay or Scamander River only.


Where do we meet to launch the boats? 
A team member from Poppa’s Boat Hire will launch you and the boats. Your launch point will be determined by which service you book. A team member will contact you prior to your booking time to discuss the best location.



What is the agreed time to launch and retrieve the boat?
Poppa’s Boat Hire will contact you prior to your booking time. We will confirm all details for your hire prior to your booking. 
PLEASE NOTE-Hirers must arrive at the agreed time, failure to do so will result in forfeit of payment and Hire.



Is a deposit required?
No, a deposit is not required as a full payment must be made at the time of the booking.


What happens if there is bad weather?
Ultimately it is up to you to check the weather forecast prior to booking. If the team at Poppa’s Boat Hire deem the weather to be unsafe for boating we will offer you the opportunity to reschedule or receive a refund as determined by us. This decision will be made on the morning of your departure and a team member from Poppa’s Boat Hire will contact you if the weather is unsafe. 


What will I need to bring?

Your mobile phone is a requirement, there MUST be at least 1x phone per boat. The following things are recommended,
Hat, sunglasses, sun screen, water, snacks, warm clothes and suitable footwear.


 Is bait and tackle supplied?
Bait and tackle are available on the day at an additional cost, please ask one of our team members about our options. You are more than welcome to bring your own bait and tackle.
Where can we take the boats?
Boats are restricted to Georges Bay and the Scamander River. A team member from Poppa's Boat Hire will contact you to confirm the location you would like to fish. A map will be supplied with each boat to show boundaries and exclusion


What if I want to cancel my booking?

Please check our cancellation policy at the time of your booking.

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